Bangkok Food Delivery – Better Options


They Have Failed Us

Recently the expat and foodie community in Bangkok has been really angry with the biggest restaurant delivery service. They are unreliable, always late, orders get cancelled for no reason an hour after they are confirmed. Restaurants and diners are hurting because of their actions.

Below is an evolving list of numbers and website links for all of the restaurants I could find with direct delivery…

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Soneva Kiri – Benz’s Restaurant

We were treated to a magical 3 nights at Soneva Kiri on Koh Kood. The island is just a few hours east of Bangkok but you feel a million miles away. One of our nights there was spent dining at Benz’s restaurant. It was a luxurious and incredible, 8-course meal of seemingly-simple but complex and wonderful Thai food.

You can find more of my photography in this article on Travelogues From Remote Lands. 

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Getting an ED Student Visa for Thailand

I moved to Thailand! This has been a fantastic adventure and I am not ready to settle into the workforce just yet. I plan to spend my time studying and exploring. In order to do those things, however, I do need a visa. There are people who live in Thailand for years by exiting the country every 30 days and coming back in on a new tourist visa, but that sounds exhausting. Below is my guide to getting a student visa for the Land of Smiles.

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