I’m Phoebe Storm. That’s my real name, I didn’t make it up.

I’m from Sydney, Australia and I lived in Beijing, China for almost half of my life. Since 2016, I have been living in Bangkok, Thailand.

I love to travel and tell people about it. I love to cook and share it with people. I love adventure and travel a lot with my husband. Our favourite things to do include hanging about under the sea and riding big motorcycles on dangerous roads.

I am a photographer, an oil painter, and an enthusiastic beginner graphic designer. I also write a lot. I have a massive collection of copywriting that spans China, Thailand, travel, and city guides. If you need it written, I can do it.

I am an editor and an e-book publishing specialist. I can take a messy manuscript all the way through the editing, proofing, or restructuring process and get it into all of the important online bookstores in both e-book format and/or click-to-print ready.

Phoebe and Royal Enfield