NuDock: A Dock That Turns Your Smartphone into a Computer

In 1969 NASA used computers to guide humans across 356,000 km of space to the Moon and return them safely to Earth. Today, the phone in your pocket is several million times more powerful that every bit of technology NASA used back then. So why are we only using it to crush candies and swipe right on attractive strangers? Why are we still lugging around a heavy laptop computer?

Originally Published for Kickstarter on 2019-03-04 by Phoebe Storm

Still Online Here. 

NuDock is going to change the way you work and live, a device which turns your phone into a computer.


What Is NuDock


NuDock is a revolutionary gadget which will quickly render your laptop as redundant as a VHS player. This tiny, unassuming box hides a plethora of features which work with dozens of new Type-C smartphones to harness the power of your phone, enhance its features, and turn it into a machine without the limitations of size.


A Projector & More

NuDock keeps your phone charged and provides ports for every occasion you can imagine. Turn your phone into a cinema experience while streaming 4K 30Hz HDMI video to your ultra-high-definition television and sound to an A/V receiver. Just imagine the movie nights at your place! With 4K resolution, you can even play all of your favourite video games on a huge screen.


Presentations Like a Professional


Sharing information with colleagues at work is so easy with three USB 3.0 ports, a type-C power jack, an HDMI port, and a 3.5 mm audio port (AUX) transforming your phone into a portable presentation device. You can connect your phone to a TV, computer monitor, or projector to handle meetings like a pro. Control the slideshow or PPT presentation with the tool you are most familiar with, the fluid swipe of your own phone’s touch screen.


Your Phone is Your New Computer


All of the best computer software programs are now available as APPs, and NuDock allows you to make the most of them all. Connect a monitor and a mouse to your phone to make photo editing a breeze, connect a keyboard to eliminate sore thumbs and typos from trying to compose lengthy emails on your tiny screen. Open spreadsheets with hundreds of columns view mobile incompatible websites the way they are supposed to be seen


Infinite Storage


Transferring files from almost any kind of storage device is made simple with slots for an SD card, and TF memory card (micro SD). The super fast USB 3.0 allows you to transfer files at a speed of 140MB per second, letting you to quickly and easily move large items between your phone and external hard drives. You will never have to delete precious photos again.


Be The First to Embrace the Change


Every now and then, an invention comes around that changes the way we do things. We all remember when we used to go to the video store to rent VHS or DVD movies to watch at home, Netflix put an end to that. There was a time when we scoffed at giving up our analogue Nokia phones for something with an internet browser on it. These days we can’t go a few hours without checking Facebook on our phones. NuDock is going to be that invention, the beginning of the end of personal computers. Be a part of it!

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