The X-TANKCOPTER: World’s First All-terrain Drone

Drones have arrived and they are here to stay. No longer viewed as simply toys for big kids, these flying robots have proven themselves invaluable tools with applications across so many industries. Their numerous uses include photography, security, deliveries, disaster and rescue, archeological and geographical mapping, weather predicting, law enforcement, agriculture, and wildlife monitoring. Drones will only get more advanced and people will continue to develop more exciting purposes for this incredible technology. The X-TANKCOPTER is taking the next step in drone technology by giving drones, not only the power of flight, but also the ability to manoeuvre on the ground like a fish in water.

Originally Published for Kickstarter on 2019-03-28 by Phoebe Storm

Still Online Here. 

Tank by Name, Tank by Nature

The X-TANKCOPTER is built like a tank with crash-proof arms and caterpillar tracks. It can easily climb over obstacles, tackle difficult terrain, turn corners, fit into tiny places, and go from land to air in seconds at the touch of a button. You control where X-TANKCOPTER goes using the very intuitive smartphone app or with the included remote controller. The X-TANKCOPTER was created with an internal IMU gyroscope which allows you to use gesture control on your phone. Tilt to your right and watch your drone glide seamlessly with your actions.


Eyes in the Sky


The X-TANKCOPTER comes with a built-in HD Camera for live viewing on your mobile phone or use the VR Goggles which are included. You really feel like you are riding your X-TANKCOPTER on land or in the sky. You can take still photos or record high-definition video and store hours of video on your micro SD card


Easy for Beginners


You do not need to be a professional to operate the X-TANKCOPTER. This model is perfect for beginners with several features to help you get used to drone life. Automatic landing and takeoff with the push of one button will make for flawless piloting. The exciting altitude control feature allows you to experiment with your photography and videography without worrying about your X-TANKCOPTER losing height. It will glide at a pre-set altitude so that you can relax and have fun.


Sturdy and Light


The craziest part about all of this is the incredibly lightweight construction. At only 123 grams, this tiny but powerful drone is easy to take anywhere and really crash-resistant. X-TANKCOPTER will survive minor collisions with ease and recover quickly from small falls. The propellers stop immediately when they come into contact with an obstacle, preventing them from breaking, burning out their engines, or injuring any people. The drone’s arms are on movable joints, so they just bend out of the way if something obstructs their path


Sneaky and Stealthy


Just imagine the crazy places this little tank can take you. Go beyond boarders and fences, drive through and over awkward and impossible landscapes to get the best photos, the coolest views, and the most incredible virtual reality experiences. Your world will open up, your eyes can now reach new heights and new worlds.


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