Fromaggio: World’s First Smart, Automatic Home Cheesemaker

Cheese makes everything better and we love it in all of its various forms. Perhaps it is the fact that when we digest cheese, our bodies produce casomorphin, a type of opioid. Or maybe it is because cheese contains trace amounts of morphine! Either way, we can’t get enough.

Originally Published for Kickstarter on 2019-03-13 by Phoebe Storm

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We still don’t know when or where cheesemaking first began, but we know that it predates recorded history and there is archeological evidence of cheese making in Egypt from at least 7,200 years ago. Cheese is the universally adored food that crosses cultural barriers and is loved in some form or another all around the world.


Making Cheese is not Prohibitive


As popular as cheese is, it is not exactly cheap and sometimes getting fresh cheese is not easy or convenient depending on where you live. There are so many reasons to make your own cheeses, but for most of us, that seems like a near-impossible task. Fromaggio is here to literally do the whole thing for you, in your home, without any work from your side. Simply put three ingredients into Fromaggio, set it for the cheese you want, and walk away. When Fromaggio is done, it will let you know, and you can remove your cheese from the sleek and stylish, compact machine.


Technology Works for You


Looking up the cheese-making process online is enough to give even the most accomplished chef a small heart attack. Timing, sanitation techniques, temperatures, equipment, stirring methodologies! It is overwhelming and most of us will just make the trip to the deli instead. Fromaggio can be controlled with your smart phone via the app and bluetooth connection, and also has an LCD screen for easy control. Fromaggio can make almost any kind of cheese you can imagine and even cleans itself afterwards!


Fromaggio Makes Any Cheese


Fromaggio has various settings which will adjust the temperature, setting times, size of the curds, and other factors which allow you to make whatever cheese you crave. Fresh cheeses like ricotta can be eaten immediately after taking them out of your Fromaggio. Other cheeses can be made by ageing them for various amounts of time. Make amazing, salty feta from your curds in just a few days or – if you have the patience to wait – age and press your cheese for at least one year to get a fine parmesan!


Personalized Products


One of the strongest benefits of making cheese at home is being in control of the ingredients you use. With Fromaggio, you know your cheese is natural, safe, clean, and favoured exactly to your personal tastes. You can add various seasonings and ingredients. Imagine a creamy fresh ricotta with sun-dried tomatoes and capers. Picture personalizing your feta cheese for Christmas gifts for family by adding things you know they love; olives, peppercorns, nuts, chilies. The possibilities are endless.

Money Saving


Fromaggio produces cheese at a rate of up to $10 a pound cheaper than the average supermarket prices. If you love cheese or have a family of cheese-eaters, the long-term savings will please your accountant. This is a lifestyle-changing invention which makes an exclusive, artisanal product in your home with the accuracy and ease of an industrial operation. Be one of the first to order Formaggio now!

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