The Big List of Best Affordable Restaurants in Bangkok

Exploring the culinary scene in Bangkok is an exhilarating endeavor, but listing the best restaurants is a daunting task. Every street and corner holds the promise of a delightful new food adventure.

In this foodie paradise, you will always regret not being able to eat more as you stumble upon yet another treat to tempt you into overindulging.

With statistics sites estimating Bangkok might have half a million restaurants, it should be a given that this list is nowhere near the tip of the iceberg. It is simply a good start for those who want some tried and tested favourites from some satisfied Bangkok residents.

We wanted to limit our list to independent entrepreneurs and more affordable eats because we love to support small businesses.

For this reason, we have not included places where the price tag is over 1000 THB per person, international chains, or hotel venues.

We have also tried to stick to places that have been around for a long time and will likely stay around.

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