Mu Tag: World’s Smallest Loss Prevention Device

Think about all the important and valuable things you have lost in your life. Now, imagine if you had the accumulated value of all those items in your wallet right now. If you are anything like me, that hypothetical cash might even add up to the downpayment of a new car.

Originally Published for Kickstarter on 2019-03-22 by Phoebe Storm

Still Online Here. 

That horrible realization that you have left your phone, laptop, or wallet in a taxi, that devastating feeling of losing your best friend when your dog or cat gets out of the house. With Mu Tag you never have to suffer those awful days again. Mu Tag is a revolutionary new tracker which is the world’s smallest. It is tiny enough to attach to all of your important belongings.


Stick it Anywhere – Charge it anytime


Mu Tag has reusable adhesive backing so you can simply stick it on your stuff. You can also hide it in pockets, attach it to your pet’s collar, or your set of keys. The battery is rechargeable and is fully charged within 30 minutes. There is even a tiny USB charger so that you can charge it anywhere.


Immediate Notifications


The minute your belongings are outside of a designated range, you will receive a notification. When you are in a coffee shop or the airport, you will know if your laptop is more than five or ten feet from your location. You can change the range settings depending on your location so that when you are at home, your phone won’t buzz every time you go into a different room of the house. You can adjust the range for notifications for a distance of up to 250 feet.


Easy App Use – No Bluetooth Needed!


Mu Tag works even when the bluetooth on your phone or smart watch is turned off. This saves battery, and ensures you will not lose your connection to your Mu Tag. The app is super intuitive and even learns your routines. Even if the app is closed on your phone for whatever reason, this will not stop the notifications if your Mu Tag goes out of range. No need to worry about keeping apps open or bluetooth turned on. Setup is really simple and the interface is unfussy and sleek.


Mu Tag For Travelers


The possibilities are endless with Mu Tag when traveling. Of course loss prevention is the first, and most important thing. Stick a Mu Tag to your camera, your passport, your backpack, your phone, your ipad, and your wallet, and you will always know they are right by your side.

Have you ever arrived at the airport to realize that you left your passport at home? With Mutag, you will know the minute you leave the house that your precious travel document is still inside, giving you time to go back and get it before you hop in that taxi.


Slip a Mutag into your checked baggage and let the app know that the luggage has been checked. When you arrive at your destination, your smart phone or watch will tell you when your bag is on the luggage carousel for you to collect! No need to huddle around the conveyor belt with other irritated travelers watching each bag come through the opening.


The possibilities are endless.



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