Travel Writing Success Tips

We all want to get paid to share our stories and pictures, it is the ultimate dream. I know that my blog is just a silly, little thing, but I still love sharing information with people. Recently, Writers Agency contacted me to ask me to share some tips with other writers. I have written 5 stories for Writers Agency (Callala, Qingdao, Buddina, Guns in Beijing, and Sydney to Gold Coast Road Trip) and they have all been pretty successful. Each article I write makes me a bit of cash and I like doing it. Click here to read my tips for getting your travel articles read by more people. And if you would like to work for Writers Agency, click this link to see how you can sign up and start getting your work published.

N.B. Please excuse the typos in the Travel Writing Success Tips article. It was written in a rush and now I can’t edit it 🙁

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