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They Have Failed Us

Recently the expat and foodie community in Bangkok has been really angry with the biggest restaurant delivery service. They are unreliable, always late, orders get cancelled for no reason an hour after they are confirmed. Restaurants and diners are hurting because of their actions.

Below is an evolving list of numbers and website links for all of the restaurants I could find with direct delivery…

Several restaurant owners have shared screenshots confirming orders are being cancelled by their staff even after the restaurant has begun preparing food. They are being cancelled because the service does not have enough delivery staff. Another complaint from restaurants is that this company not only charges the customer a delivery fee, but they also take a 35% commission from every sale. In the world of restaurants, that is most of their profit. Unfortunately, due to the perceived monopoly they have over the city of Bangkok, restauranteurs and hungry diners feel they have few options and usually end up on the app just out of necessity.

After months of reading complaints about this company online, I decided to make a list of all the restaurants and services who provide delivery alternatives. If you would like your restaurant added to this list, please comment below.

Alternative multi-choice delivery websites:

Good news! 2 new apps have recently joined the game and they seem good!

  • First there is 1112 DeliveryTheir app is easy to use, in English, the delivery service is fast (30 minutes for my Thai Express order), and no extra dramas. Through them, you can order from The Pizza Company, Burger King, Sizzler, The Coffee Club, Thai Express, Swensen’s, and Dairy Queen.

I tried Thai Express and was actually surprised. Really good, fresh Thai food, pretty cheap. Lots of it.



The next new app comes out of Indonesia. Their delivery and ride-calling service Go-Jek has renamed itself GET! For the Thai market. They have food delivery pretty well set up on their app already, trying to beat out Grab and Line Man. The app looks good, though I am yet to try it. Something which might excite Bangkokians is the addition of Taco Bell delivery to their service.

Restaurants with direct delivery:

Desserts, Pies, and Cakes:

Booze Delivery!






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  1. Hi,

    ChefsXP is one of Thailand’s original food delivery service since 1999. At the time we were called “Room Service”. We have never sold ourselves to any foreign interest or competitor.

    Our call center number is 1767

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