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An In-Depth Guide to Finding an Apartment for Rent in Beijing

Beijing is massive. It can be the most daunting thing to open up a real estate website and see a list of 500+ suburbs to choose from. In this article, we will share with you the knowledge you need to navigate the intimidating world of Beijing accommodations as well as point you in the direction of some superb tools to make the process a lot easier.

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Shipping to China: Services, Costs, and Customs

Moving to a new country is daunting enough, and there are certain things that we just can’t replace or live without. In some cases it might be more economical to ship things to China than to keep them in long-term storage. Maybe you have a family heirloom piece of furniture, or a precious vintage vehicle.

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Shipping from China: Procedure, Costs, and Customs

After living in China for an extended period of time, you will accumulate stuff. Beautiful antique furniture, vehicles, gorgeous silk textiles, art, clothing, and at least one street cat who became your best friend. When it comes time to leave, you could have anything from a half-dozen boxes to a 40-foot container full of things you simply must get back home.

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Cost of Living in China

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Beijing Hospital Guide

As an expat in Beijing, you will inevitably visit a hospital in the Chinese capital city for one reason or another. It can be an intimidating prospect, regardless of whether you have been living in the city for a few years or are a total newbie. You will have some questions about visiting a hospital in Beijing, and we hope to answer all of them for you in this guide.

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